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The podcast incubator is our opportunity to give back to growing new podcasts. Here you will find some of the newest growing podcasts, as well as some of the best EduMatch Podcasts around. 

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Teaching Tales


Brent Coley

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Everyone loves a good story. Why? Because stories are engaging. Stories are relatable. Stories help us remember things. Storytelling is one of the most powerful teaching techniques there is, and what’s better than a good story? A story with a message! Join Brent and a different guest each episode as they share a story or two from their experiences in education, along with the lessons they've learned that have helped them grow as educators. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy as Brent sits down with other teachers and administrators to share some entertaining and inspirational stories of growth.



Erin Kiger, Ashley Pierce , Joelle Massari


Welcome to the Undrcaff3inated Podcast. A weekly podcast for educators who don't have time for PD, kind of like us.  Each we we cover a different topic in education in bite-sized chunks so you can join us, when you're driving your kids around, preparing dinner, making copies during prep, or really doing just about anything. This is PD for real teachers who are REAL tired.



Dr. Samantha Fecich


 A podcast for preservice teachers. Join host, Dr. Sam Fecich as she interviews preservice teachers who are using EduMagic to rock their college careers. Other guests include current teachers and administrators who share tips and stories to help preservice teachers become educators of excellence. Check out more EduMagic on www.sfecich.com

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The Connected Educator Podcast


Cassie Reeder

This podcast will be a sounding board for myself and my connected educator friends (hopefully that includes you)! Learn how we have made and utilize our connections on a daily basis to grow and support one another through virtual connections. In this podcast, you will learn about the tools we are using for connections, and how you can utilize them to connect with others in the education field as well!